Anyone else having problems with Airpush banners?


I’ve switch my apps from admob banners to airpush banners. At first it was OK and more profitable than admob (by a factor of 10). But, now there is no banner displayed in my apps… I checked with the debugger and I see this message over and over:

Satus Code: 200
Ad jason: {“status”:204,“message”:“ADS Not Available”}
No banner type present in response.

The last days, I also noticed that the banners were taking a lot of time to load (30-60 seconds). Now they don’t show at all…

Anyone else experiencing that? What is your plan B?


Same here
I have this issu only in the night, italian time i cant see any ad.

Me too, and now the CPM dropped significantly, only $0.45 for US traffic, it’s was $2.5 at first. I also noticed that, the number of impression reported is about 1/3 when comparing with admob (i have internal tracking system that can remote switch ad network on the fly without need to update the application).

@lhoang8500 and @symbiosoft - can you PM me your email account and app URLs where you are seeing CPM and impression decrease. Also where is your traffic coming from? The 30-60 second delay may be an implementation issue.