Anyone earning with data monetization? Please advise

Hi everyone!

I wonder whether any of you tried data monetization. If so, how it worked? And how much you earned with it?

I signed up for AppGrow (read about it on this forum). I earned $ 1893 for the first two weeks of monetization (around 90% are US users) which is more than I had with banners. How do you think if that’s OK? Or maybe I can get more?

Thank you for your advice!

I think you should shoulder earn more revenue from your banner. Because, Data Monetization can not make meaningful revenue in comparison with AD revenue.

BTW, if you have make revenue by data monetization, you can contact other data monetization partners. It can be make 2x or 3x to your data revenue.

All his posts are about AppGrow and how good it is… I believe he isn’t really looking for real feedback^^

I agree :slight_smile:

Hi! well, if you look at my previous responses attentively you’ll notice that I’ve never said: “how good is Appgrow”. I read about this company on this forum by the way… I’m just testing and sharing my results, and ask for your advice. If you don’t want to share your experience, I respect your choice.

By the way, I’m also in touch with Tutela and Accenture regarding the data, and I’ll be glad to share my results here. Maybe, I can save your time or open up a great new source of revenue, who knows, I’m just trying…

According to the calculator on the Appgrow website, in my case (22000 DAU and 300000 MAU) I can earn 312$ per month, but probably it is less because my users are most from South America. I’m earning 5 times more with Admob ads.

Hey! Do you know that you can monetize your app with ads and data at a time? So you will not have to choose.

At Epom Apps we also have a revenue calculator. And it shows the sum which you will earn with the basic permissions added (like Network type). If you share more data your earnings will be much higher, it depends. Although yeah, the fact is, that data collectors pay more for US users :frowning:

Luminati wants to offer you a 3rd way to monetize.

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Developer to Developer Warning

A warning to anyone who is planning to integrate Luminati SDK in their app. We integrated this SDK in one of our apps with several thousand downloads and the app was permanently taken down from Google Play. We lost several thousand dollars of revenue because of that - please dont’ ever think about integrating this SDK in your app if you don’t want your app banned by Google Play. If you still trust them try integrating the SDK in one of your most insignificant app and see what happen - you can be 100% sure that your app will banned from Google Play in a few days. As they say “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Hi, can you give me some data about the Tutela’s revenue ? How much is it according to the number of users and their countries?