Anyone bought downloads from fiverr ?


As title says, my question is anyone here bought downloads from fiverr.
Some gigs are providing around 100 installs for just $5.

If you have tried it, then please share your thoughts. Is it safe ?


Accidentally saw your topic … This question interested me too…Tempting offer “Some gigs are providing around 100 installs for just $5”…Maybe there’s live feedback from users…?

This question interested me too.
Tempting offer “Some gigs are providing around 100 installs for just $5”…
Maybe there’s live feedback from users…?

I bought it three times but in 2013, all of the downloads are from south Korea and I think those devices are not real devices but emulators.

The downloads helped me two times, but now I think the results won’t be effective, and from adwords I get installs for 3c which is

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