Anybody using Scringo?

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I just found that my main competitor has implemented a “Scringo Social Club” kinda section in their app.
For those not familiar, it basically offers a method for better user retention. You can create a sort of forum within the app, form chat rooms, connect FB, twitter accounts, provide a way for the users to connect with eachother while using your app.

Has anyone tried it? How is it?
I couldn’t find what all permissions it needs… Any input on similar user retention tools will be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Is there anything else like it?

looks interesting…
did you inquire about the costs?

Completely free. Actually, it’s 'pretty much open source.

Check this out:
Generated Documentation (Untitled)

This is why I’m having doubts… I haven’t seen Scringo stuff in any (except 1) app. As far as I can tell, the only catch is they take 30% if we implement their in-app purchases (e.g. stickers for chat).
This doesn’t seem bad at all, so I’m sniffing around because that’s usually not the case :slight_smile: