Anybody tried ?

Anybody tried ?

I was about to but I didn’t in the end… maybe I will in near future if can’t solve problems with FAN…

If you are interested in trying them out, check out Enhance®.

We support flymob and other mediation networks. Implement them into your project in a matter of seconds. No more wasting time with SDK integration.

SDK’s ARE DEAD!!! You don’t have to spend all of your time implementing or updating SDK’s. No more hours of coding just to find out that you don’t like a network or a network doesn’t work good for you… Enhance® allows you to quickly swap out SDK’s so you can check out different networks more easily! No more time spent just to bring your current SDK’s up to the newest version… With Enhance®, you can be done in a few clicks of your mouse…

For more info, follow the link :

Good Luck!