Anybody having code for push notification reminder

Can some one share a quick 3-4 lines code in Java for setting notification about coming back to the app/game when user has not opened the app/game for 3 days consecutively?

Would help in increasing engagement with app/game.

You can use leadbolt reengagement sdk for that…
Would be better

This is your code: Android AlarmManager tutorial | Java Code Geeks. Put it setOnetimeTimer() onPause() and CancelAlarm onCreate() of game with times you want to. I use this method too

It gave me bad stats. Forcing users to remind and open the app led them to uninstall the app too. They found it too buggy in that way. In one of my games i make them good morning wish after 5 days + wishes them on festivals.

Retention rate was significantly bad on those days. Users scolded and abused in their local language for this feature. I had to remove it.

@gcc that was too many notifications. What top apps/games are doing is if user has opened the app on day 1 and didn’t open again for 2-3 days consecutively, send a push notification. If he still doesn’t open app on seeing notification, don’t send him/her more notifications. On the other hand if he/she opens the app, reset the notification flag to send notification in case of next 2-3 days of inactivity. This i have seen with angry birds go, revolt multiplayer and swarmp. We are considered filthy developers with ads in apps and don’t deserve to say good morning and happy/merry (festival name) to users