anybody experiencing very low ecpm admob april ?

i m experiencing very low ecpm with admob 30-40% decrease this april. Anybody also experiencing the same ?

It is lower than late march, maybe because a new financial quarter has begun in april.

Nope, my ECPM is better than it was in March. My problem is drop of impressions instead :frowning:

Drop in revenue along with impressions is there.

Google changed search algorithms again. Now, user engagement (e.g. retention) will be more important than number of downloads. This may be the reason of your impressions drop.

And, yes, admob is lower than in March.

Really ???

Admob has been low RPM for my traffic for months now.

Yep, . There was an email from google play newsletter about it. Look for it.

For me AdMob eCPM decrease about 20% for the first few days of April. But it seems to have gone up again since 3-4 days now.

Yes. It is very low.