Anybody else disappointed in Microsoft? Considering cancelling my gamepass sub now

I suppose it was easy to take the moral high ground when Activision haven’t released anything I’ve had even a passing fancy for in years.

Microsoft on the other hand, have really seemed to be doing solid, buying companies and giving them space and time to complete their games such as Psychonauts 2 and Halo. This news has really taken the wind out of the company for me.

I am conflicted of course. Gamepass represents such a good money proposition, but with all the horrible stuff coming out about Activision and the supposed intention of retaining Bobby Kotik, I wonder if gamepass will be something I stick with for much longer.

Anybody else feeling the drive to cancel their sub?

Before making a decision to cancel your Game Pass subscription, it might be worth considering reaching out to Microsoft’s customer support. They might be able to address any specific concerns or issues you’re facing. It’s possible that they can provide assistance or insights that could change your perspective.

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