Any ways to get 5000+ installs from USA in 3 days at cheap rate?

preferably 0.2 usd or less.

Prefer real installs


If android please contact me at skype : manasa.deepthi9

I can handle it. PM me or my skype: tanjed.ahmed.atono


I can give you genuine 5000+ installs in 3 days at $0.1. You can see the real users in your analytics report. Message me if you want me to help you.

Alternatively, I have created an app promotion and marketing course which might help you to get to the top charts:$20-$20

Do you offer downloads with higher retention too?

Yes, but that costs a little more than incentivized installs. I can give you incentivized installs for $0.10 and high retention installs for $0.15. Let me know if you are interested

has anyone here tried @SmexySumo udemy course? I want to try it, especially since the price is right now. Is there like a small demo or something?

my email: [email protected]

Hey @Lofty, you can try the App Promotion Course. I have explained some advanced app marketing strategies at the end which will definitely help you. Incase, I have missed out on anything, you can message me on Udemy and I will be happy to add it asap. The second video about Natural App Discovery Methods is available for Free Preview, you can have a look at it offers 3 days retention install from USA at 0.1 per install :smiley:

however, the max. capacity is only 2800 one day at present.

According to the situation what you have said, you want to increase the installs of your app from real users. In fact, there are many ways to increase your app installs, including optimize keywords search installs, good ratings and positive reviews.
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