Any thoughts on Flurry?

I am looking for advertising network not connected with google. I need solid network which wont steal my money :wink: I was thinking about Flurry - have you guys use their ads? Any thoughts?
Any other ideas are welcome, apps I am making are very simple, more like guerilla programming :wink:

Hello @ghua, if you are looking for a network not connected with Google, you can give a try to Pollfish Universal SDK.

I would like to know too. I tested many ad networks but flurry is not among them :slight_smile:

flurry have always backfill with milenial media, so I think you should use some mediation service like mopub or build own, using backfill methods and use more networks :wink:

Flurry has become my new favorite! They actually display their fill rate! Give them a try :wink:

What are payment terms? :stuck_out_tongue: I cannot find it, flurry is very big :wink:

I just got my 1st payment from them and I think… it’s something like after the 1st 30 days they let you know your getting paid then 60 days from that date you get payment. So far I have been very pleased.

So it’s like milenial media, what ecpm and fill rate? :wink: