Any Success with Amazon android portal.

Has anyone made any good money by putting their apps on Amazon? I have one app that makes about $200 per month. I am tired of getting booted by Google Play and want diversify income with Amazon.

+1, please someone share experience.

for each 1000 downloads on gplay I get <40 at amazon (free app) … that may give you some idea :slight_smile:

if you leave gplay you lose gplay userbase. I see no reason why you should leave it. You can join other stores as well and just wait if gplay is suspending you :slight_smile: If you are expecting this to happen, built in a small check against your website, where you can inform gplay users of app suspension and send them over to another store. I can do this in some apps of mine.

Stats from 1 app for the past year:


Free: 178571
Paid: 684
0.38% conversion


4.8% conversion

Amazon is good for paid apps (very good, if you hit a good niche), but almost worthless for free apps - at least in my experience. I get between 5-10% of GP volume there. Samsung is much better for free and is even catching up with paid apps.

What are the things to watch out for when publishing for Amazon ?

Does one target their Kindles - or they have generic Android ? - what about their new upcoming 3-D type phone (set for announcement this month).

Will one need to buy a Kindle to be sure - or they have emulators ?

Since the Kindle devices do not have phones - or do they - what to expect for hardware changes ?

Do they have:

  • microphone recording
  • same sensors (proximity, accelerometer, etc.)

Or does one just try to run the app on a virtual device - and that clears the air about what works and not ?

Paid apps on amazon maybe a possibility - otherwise consensus seems to be that free app volumes are too low.

Does this forum now have a moderator - previous post got stuck in moderation.

Hey guys, what about revenue from Amazon ads, how do they perform against admob both at Amazon app store and GPlay ? Can we’ve some numbers please ?

Very low fill rate but high eCPM (at least for me, since I get very low on adMob). Good for mediation as a first network.

Since the ad networks for amazon are limited, the paid apps should give much better results in terms of money. Of course the downloads are more pathetic for paid apps. Expect 1-2 sales every week for an average app.

releasing on amazon is actually pretty straightforward nowadays and not much extra work, their approal process seems legit but needs a bit of time. I would suggest, if you do not use any special gplay related features you are fine with some extra downloads from amazon.

IF you use any services which link to gplay - be aware, that amazon may reject your app because of it. That’s the reason why I do not have all of my games released to amazon, because there were issues with some 3rd party libs mainly because of a link pointed to gplay alone.

I had the same issue when using a share-button - you have to make sure, that it either points to a website where amazon is linked as well or to amazon directly. Actually on slideme it’s the same

Is it true that google play will suspend your app if you add your app on other stores?

you should reconsider to whom you talk … it’s BS. you can release whereever you like