Any recent Revmob perfomance reviews?

Hi guys,

I am thinking to try RevMob for banners and interstitials in some apps.
I remember, year ago revmob was one of the top networks and I have come to notice it is mentioned way less lately.
Is anyone still using them? How are they doing lately?

Well, I got this email from them today:



Ad network is like some fashion that comes and goes. In between there are acquisitions along the way etc.
So it is hard to know as of current is this ad network still working fine or not.
Mobfox,TapIt, Nexage, Greystripe, Adwhirl, Admob etc were acquired. There are more to come.
Then darling of yester-years seem to die down in attention like Leadbolt etc.
So far I can only say Admob after acquisition stay stable through the years (I guess partly it is affiliated to google for backing).
If you mange to find one that is stable (not great earnings but stable) I would advise stick with it.
Then for your secondary ad network you can experiment around.
Or now the fashion is ad network mediation which is a good idea actually.

hahahaha same here…