any PPD (PPI) network?

I have some apps with nice downloads, but where I can’t put normal ads (kind of background services).

Any suggested PPD network? (Google compliant, so please don’t suggest appoptim).

Airpush’s ppd - did they fix it? Working? Anyone is using in his app?
Has anyone tried this with US users only?

hey Javanshir - does PPD to you mean price per download/install? It would just help clear up possible confusion you’ll see from other readers.

Normally it’s called CPI (cost per install)

Not sure how to help because the background services is a little vague for a description. Think you can give me a link to an app to recommend services?

yes, PPD/PPI - pay per download / install.

well, not with the link. Apps with nice downloads per day, actually with even nice DAU (daily active users), but not efficient for interstitial/banner. Even 1sent for all (including US/Canada) would be perfect for me.

In my opinion there is a difference in PPI and PPD. I think that:
PPI - pay per install (per installed app from ads in your app),
PPD - pay per download (per installed YOUR app).
Correct me if I’m wrong:)

About the network - I recommend Minimob (you can enter promo code on top right corner: “mjms” for bonus). And the seconds good network - of course startapp - this is referral link. You will get up to 30$ bonus with it.
Minimob has usually 0,01$ PPD, but in some countries there is more, I saw up to 0,03$.

Best regards!

That’s exactly how I’ve always interpreted them too :thumbup:

thanks for the information, startapp is paying very less as PPD (0.12 cents per download). I didn’t know about minimob, I will have a look at it

so, no PPD network suggestions at all?
it is very bad, that I can not use the downloads of apps where I can not put interstitial/banners.

We are using airpush. It gives $0.04 per download in the U.S. and $0.002 for everywhere else. So Startapp gives $0.0012 ? much lower. I just made a post to find out which one’s the best these days Airpush vs StartApp - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Did airpush solve their issues with their SDK?

I just used it in my app, and checked with 7-8 fresh installs, it was working without any problem and fast. Their international rate is just very low (0.2 cents)

hello, this is Anemone Tang from eomobi mobile ad network company. We provide 10$ just for sign up.
We pay per new installs, the revenue can reach 30$ per 1000 new installs, and do payout weekly for every 50$.
kindly give message if you are interested.

Your PPD rates are for out-of-app ads which are not compliant with Google’s policies.