Any one using StarApplication ?

Hello All
I have got an email from StarApplication inviting me to join them
It seems very new ad network so I was wounder if there is any one using it ?
on their web site they say that you can make up to 90$ RPMD + 12$eCPM
I know this is too good to be true so thats why I am asking if there is any one using them ?

Anyway if any one decided to give them a try you can use my referral link for 25$ instant bonus :

StarApp | Developpers - Monetize your app

I trusted app-bucks but then had to move away from them. right now sticking to well established networks.

Looks like yet another StartApp copy. They literally just removed the “t” to make “StarApp”, but have then used the full “Application” word to make it slightly different.

Better referral system with a possible $3740 to earn per referral. No docs available though…

I’ve tried adding an app, but their website seems to be broken. I think there’s errors in their WordPress plugins as I cannot select options when adding an app.

Looks like it could be worth while if they actually get it working and provide FAQs etc.

It seems there is a trend going on here lol

Checking their website and it seems a lot amateurish

Well it’s to be expected. StartApp came up with a very good monetization solution for Android. Where there’s money to be made there will be people there to make it.

StartApp is obviously the established player and they have a solid reputation with developers.

The problem for them now is that these 2(I wouldn’t be surprised if more start appearing now) new networks which are imitating their business model have better rates and payment terms.
If they become established and are reliable in terms of service like StartApp is, then StartApp will have real competition.

As we all agree I’m sure, better rates and faster payments are the biggest factors that affect us. I know that’s what counts for me. Will be interesting to see what happens.

It’s going to be an eventful rest of year on the ad network front, that’s for sure.

Anyone got any experience with combining Start and Star App?

I’m using StartApp and AppWiz, might use Star App in the future if they get their shit together. No extra complaints from users and more then double the revenue in cases where I use both in the same app. AppWiz rates are making a big difference for me over StartApp.

Is it possible to use startapp and appwiz with a single opt in message…? If so can direct me on how to go about it?


Would you please update your stats with StarApplication. Seems that TapContext & StarApplication have similiar biz.model - CPC/CPM based. Any data to compare ?

Anybody using this ad network now?

their new policy stated $105 eCPM. It’s really too good to be true.

I have registered, but cannot integrate their SDK yet, as they need an app to live on Google Play, before they even share the SDK with you.

That is not true. Your app does not need to be live on market.

That is the official line that I have received from their representative over e-mail and skype.
The reason I followed up was that I could not find the SDK on either of the 3 steps during integration.

Why would anyone advertise an eCPM like that? That’s just silly.

I just tried it, they have option where they ask you if your app is live on the market or not. You select NO and download and integrate the SDK. Also, I asked them on skype and they said no, app does not need to be live on the market. I can present you a screenshot if you like. :slight_smile:

Hmm, thats interesting… I should direct the contact person to this thread here then. :slight_smile:
Let me test that method.

I do not get an option to select the option of whether the app is live or not. Can you upload a screenshot of where exactly you find the SDK. That would be most useful.


Dear Developers,

My name is Dana and I represent StarApplication. I will do my best answering all the questions written above, but if you have any other questions you are more than welcome to contact me.

StarApplication is a relatively new ad network but with great connections to the advertising market. StarApp now occupies a very important place in the network and offer new SDKs which 100% Google compliant.
Our payment method is by eCPM. You can earn up to 105$ by using our 3 SDKs. This numbers are depending on average eCPM tested in last few months.

StarApp has proven to be a very strong ad company in the ad market already.
We offer only 3 tools that were tested to be the most effective and have the most conversation rate. This is the reason our payment method is only by eCpm. After Google new guide lines PPD has proven to be not so effective as download link not always can be provided. It’s also important to us to grant tools that doesn’t compromise with users experience.
There are plenty disadvantages with big companies who can take up to a week to answer your questions. We try the hardest, I completely believe it. Even though the road is not always clear ,we do our best to listen to our partners needs, and fix every bump in the road.

Our SDKs:
You can choose from 3 innovative tools to maximize your capabilities from your apps:
Slide Ad - Users can make a quick research only by sliding. Provide them with all they need
within your app.
Exit Ad - you are monetize when your users click the back button. The transformation rate is optimized as the direct download link is provided.
Wall Ad - Powerful promotional list of applications, on which you have the absolute control when and how it will display.

To learn more, watch StarApp new monetizing video. SDKS PRESENTATION_EN - YouTube

To start generating more revenue, add all your apps info to your developers dashboard. You can select to answer “No” if you didn’t publish your app yet. Nevertheless, you will need to publish your app in order to activate the sdks and to start generate great revenue.

Pls don’t hesitate to contact me here and by email: [email protected]

Best Regards,


I have tested their wall-app and it looks good. Loads quick. Provides an exit button. :slight_smile:
I need to add that Dana has been extremely helpful and pleasant during our Skype conversations.

Anyone who wants to test it out, can please use my referral link in the signature.