Any one using Flurry Appspot ?

Hello Guys
with the high level of frustration we are now facing with different ad networks , I think we are forced to try new networks and check what are the available options ,
sometime you get a successfull story and sometimes not ,
However I think the main main benefits of the online forums is sharing experience ,
Having this said , I was exploring some ad networks and I reached Flurry appsopt
I am still reading the guides and trying to figure out how to setup the mediation and everything ,
And I do not have any clue on how it will perform or how much is their average CPM (if they use it)

So , Anyone is using this network , any experience with them ?
what are the average CPM and how about the payment terms ?

Thank you

Seems nobody using it ?

if you are interested in a real solution that uses all networks hit me up on PM we are doing beta testing right now on the system and open for testers for both Android and iOS.

Please advise

I use their analytics and their website is very slow.

I tried them for a while. I got an average CPC of less than $0.01 and an eCPM of $0.02. That’s banners and interstitials combined. I only got ads from one company, a slot machine game.
It’s like a bad joke. Maybe it’s because the apps I’ve tested with have a very small install base?

I was thinking about trying them. Any updated experiences?

I would be interested too, will take a look a their SDK…

I’d be interested as well. After my initial trial I turned off traffic. A few days ago I got an email that I’m now eligible for their RTB Marketplace. I thought it might give better earnings, so I turned on some traffic. Now I’m seeing EPCs of $0.00036. Yes that’s right, 3.6 hundredths of 1 cent. The eCPM is $0.00124. I don’t think I’ll let the test run for much longer.