Any one tried

Can you guys any one tried

If you any information regrading payment terms,which method they use(CPC,CPI,CPM ) please let me know.

And what is ECPM if you have any report regarding this network please let me know

Thanks in advance

I wanted to know about this too. But seems this forum not much people using it?

you have appodeal in your signature. is it good?

I’m thinking about using supersonic. Anyone has had experience with them, please share.

They use CPI model. When I used them they had the worst sdk integration method. Their sdk had many bugs.

Their sdk has bugs indeed, and the interstitial implementation doesn’t feel right. Incentivized offerwall and videos, however, seem fine

I haven’t personally used them but my friend uses them. Good for US traffic but CPM was very unstable. Sometimes $7+ for video and other days only $2. Must be because they pay on CPI and traffic did not perform well or install the advertised app. I like to use different networks with different models such as CPM + CPCV. I try to stay away from CPI since all the risk is on the publisher’s end.

Would like to hear others expeirence with Supersonic as well.

CPI model is not for every app. It seems to bring in the most money for most ad network and app developers but that is assume you really get users install.
As we know, it is hard to get users to install unless the ad is really enticing.
So a few newbie Android developers did not fully understand all the CPM CPC CPI CPA terminology and start to complain about the ad network when monies did not come despite many impressions and clicks. For CPI all those is nothing, you need install to get monies.

Reading up more on this terminology is highly recommended.

I would say the same, their sdk for interstitial have many bugs, even their demo app doesn’t show interstitial most of the time, while offerwall and video work just fine

Hey guys! Thanks for all the feedback on our SDK. We recently updated our SDK and indeed, fixed many bugs. Our current SDK supports both monetization and promotion accounts as well as all our products- interstitials, offerwall and rewarded video PLUS video ad mediation. Video ad mediation is the NEXT big thing in mobile advertising as its power technology serves the highest paying ads from over nine ad networks (not only Supersonic) and ensures that your fill rate is 100% in almost every geo. If you’d like to try out our ad network- PM me to receive 50$ credit to try out our platform!

so with supersonic I won’t get paid unless the user clicks and installs the game in the ad ?

If it is a CPI model then yes. User need click and install the game in the ad before you get monies.
But if it is a CPC model, then click is needed no need to have install and you get monies.
But if it is a CPM model, then no need click. As long as ad appear you get monies.

So always check clear the model they are adopting. Some ad networks is clear while some like Leadbolt is a blind network which mean they will not tell you at any one time they are running what kind of CPM,CPC,CPI etc campaigns.

At AerServ we are non performance based, meaning we pay on CPM not CPCV/CPI/CPC, although we do have various supported networks which do pay on CPI/CPCV such as AdColony and Vungle.

I am interested in your service. Do you have any Skype to speed up the conversation?

Sure. Add me- michelle.mullerette.

supersonic live interstitial ad available is always false, tested in US. so no impression at all, does anybody notice that?

Just a warning to people with little traffic: Supersonic pays 60 days after end of month and if you don’t reach $200 in 6 months, then you lose all revenue.

4.2. Payment Terms. Supersonic shall pay your Revenue Share (as defined below) out of the Net Advertising Revenues (as defined below) generated in a given month, within sixty (60) days after the end of such calendar month as a conclusive payment for said month, provided however that if the Revenue Share due for a given month amounts to less than two hundred USA dollars ($200.00) (the “Minimum Threshold”), Supersonic shall be entitled to postpone the payment of such amount until such calendar month in which the cumulative amounts due are equal to or exceed said Minimum Threshold. In the event that in any given six (6) months during the Term of the Agreement You don’t achieve the Minimum Threshold, then at the end of such period any then accumulated fees due shall be deemed cancelled and non-payable.

I can’t vouch for Supersonic having never used them, but the consensus among my friends and colleagues who have is that Supersonic is actually pretty underrated, which we may be seeing here with a lack of user experience. So, yeah, for what its worth, I’ve heard good things first hand.

Yes indeed. supersonic interstitials do not work on Android at all. Even from DemoApp. Always unavailable.
I’ve contacted their support many times, but that didn’t make anything clear yet.

iOS version works fine in other hand.