Any one tried Eomobi And/or Airpush PPD versions ?Any other PPD networks you know of?

So I was thinking of integrating PPD networks which don’t install anything on the user’s device or change their homepages.

I am searching for PPD networks which are good and google compliant.
Does any one know of such networks ?
If yes have you tried them?
Are there cases of apps being banned after using Eomobi ?I have heard their sdk is not google compliant as they support push notifications.
What if i don’t make use of push notifications?will I still be banned ?

Hi Rixxx22,

For Google Play, our Bundle 1 SDK is compliant with their ad policies. It does not add anything to the users device (like icons, pushs or bookmarks).
This SDK contains our 360 banner ads, smartwall and the pay per download. The pay per download activates when a new / unique user to the Airpush network opts in to our EULA (end user license agreement) up to $0.04 per USA user.

Check out the integration guide here and let me know any questions -

Airpush Nick

Does it change the homepage ?

Nope no changes to homepage or anything outside of the app. This is 100% Google play compliant.


Airpush has been only counting 10% of my total installs everyday. So I suggest better not upgrade to bundle 1. Made a mistake.

eomobi is a no go for google play will be banned like instantly, however they do have a google play compliant sdk but it is not ppd it is just revenue share like any other network.

Why do they cheat ?

hello, rixxx22, i am from eomobi.
we have sdk compliant with google play whose payment system is 1000 impression 3 dollar
we have sdk do not compliatn with google play, whose payment system is 1000 install of your app up to 60 dollar.
you can close the push ads just open the smartwall ads
don’t install anything on the user’s device or change their homepages.