Any one recive airpush payment this week?

Any one recive airpush payment this week?

Nope I’m still waiting for my first “weekly” payment even though I qualified after the first week, over a month ago…

I asked Nick about it earlier but now their payment team is saying it might not be paid until the end of this month for some reason. 45 days late

yup. :smiley: they are very prompt with payments.

I didnt receive my payment this week and my payments never delayed.
Whats happened?

Got the cash (or rather… the wire :wink: )

Hey Everyone,

Payments should have processed by now. If you haven’t received it, please wait until EOD on 3/14 (PST time) and then PM me.
Please remember that to be switched to weekly payments, your tax document needs to be approved and that the account need to be fully validated with at least 1 payment already going out. If you have a new account, and start earning $200 or more a week, you won’t automatically be put on weekly payments, but our standard net 30. Our team checks daily for accounts earning $200, and then will put them in the approval process for weekly payment.

Airpush Nick