Any one added chartboost sdk successfully


We have been trying to add the chartboost sdk for a month, their support seems to be beating about the bush and keep asking us to do new things with every ticket, i just want to know if we should continue trying or admob is good enough …


Chartboost on android is completely crap.
And admob revenue is going down from last some days. But it will go higher very soon. I don’t know if chartboost will go higher at same time.
But in my opinion stop trying on chartboost.

@bhavin - thanks, any other network you can suggest to use with admob …


On Android, I have not used any other ad networks from around 2 years. But I think, StartApp will be good here. Add StartApp & AdMob together. When StartApp fails to show ad, use admob to backfill that request.

You can also try mediation like Appodeal.

Thanks will try appodeal, never heard of it before though …


Chartboost indeed is not easy to integrate/use but then again if you don’t know how to integrate/use it you probably shouldn’t.
it’s a great tool if you know what you want with it, making money? not so good, boosting app on charts? fk yea

@Rajiv which SDK you prefer? offerwall,interstitial, native ads or others?

@Vincent-Adxmi - we are trying to add , interstitial ads …


@rajivmemon ,for interstitial ads, what requirements do you have ,such as geos ,ecpm and etc.

Need to implement chartboost still?
Enhance™ will help you get that sdk implemented in a matter of minutes.

We work with chartboost and other networks. Check it out!

[MENTION=27995]@FGL_Rozek - if you could answer below questions i will be grateful … i need a clear answer though

1)For child apps for kids below 5 , do you ensure no adult , dating or mature ads be shown , if we use enhance ?

2)A clear close button for ads is visible to users all the time

3)No virus or ads being shown after the app is closed

4)No threat to our google play account, you have taken maximum precaution that your users interest are protected ?


You would have full control of this with your chartboost account. We are not the network. We are the tool to help you get the sdk implemented.
All good questions.

If you chose a network other than chartboost to use, your account settings would be used. You would use the self-managed side and go!