any noticeable impact on Admob CPC in result of Ad Filters and App Settings changes?


Today, I received yet another “dating ads, uninstalling” feedback for my app. I checked the setup in the admob console to confirm I have “age appropriate ads” filtered out and I found out that a long while ago I did actually filtered out everything but “image ads” - with intent to get higher CPC I assumed come with Image Ads (not sure how I come to that conclustion that image ads will be of higher CPC than text ones).

Anyway - with the “Other Google Ads” enabled the filtering seems of no use as it applies for AdMob originating ads only.

Question for the forum audience: Have you managed to get any CPC changes (e.g. increase :)) via playing with the app setup in AdMob console? I do not refer to refresh rate (seconds) but all the other parameters.

Any thoughts?

i always create no filter. So i have great fill rate (>99%)

yeap, you are entirely right. admob either gives you an option to modify the ad settings and live with fill rates of <80% (at least that was the point when I said “enough”) or accept the Google Ads and forget about filtering. Still - if anyone in the crowd has a good example of playing with admob settings - do not hesitate to shout :slight_smile:

PS. 80% was what I got via “pure admob, no Google backfill” without any filtering.

Right now its 99% I think. Reason: there is some kind of integration in AdSense panel or sth.