any mmedia users?

Every month or so I throw around between 50k and 100k requests to various networks to test the waters. Normally the results are bad enough not to be tempted to use them on the long run but a couple of days ago mmedia blew my mind. I got a reasonable 2% click rate on their banners but each click was valued at 0.21 cents! This means that I needed almost 5 clicks to make 1 god damn cent. This is crazy considering that almost 70% of that traffic is from US. I waited more than 48 hours assuming that the stats will eventually update but nothing changed.

Anyone out there using mmedia? Care to share your experience? I always considered them as an alternative to admob and the network I can fallback to if the shit hits the fan but now I have to admit that I am lost.

MMedia is like that recently. They bought another network and since then they seem to be in trouble. I don’t send traffic there anymore because the eCPM is laughable and they paid me less than stated in report once.

If you’re looking for a banner network that can match Admob’s type of performance, try inMobi. They are net60 mind.

and what is their fillrate? I tried once, it was 45-55%, which is way too low.

Mediation was created for dealing with low fill-rate. :slight_smile:

Worst I’ve seen it this year is at 75%, but like @Magnesus said, mediation negates that problem :slight_smile: