Any KitKat user? Need a quick app Test. PLEASE

Hi to all. If someone has a device that is on Android 4.4(KitKat) then please let me know so I could give you my app to try it. I’m getting a lot of complaints that my app is not working after people updated their devices to 4.4 Android version.

I would really appreciate it someone could take 2-3 minutes and test the app and let me know where exactly they encounter the error.

Did you had to update your apps to get them to work on Android 4.4 ? If yes then maybe you have some tips on what exactly is needed to be changed in the source code to be compatible with 4.4

Thank you very much.

You might want to include a link to you app…

I would prefer doing it somehow privately via PM because “good” people are everywhere :slight_smile:

So if you or someone else has a KitKat device then kindly help me with a quick testing. Much appreciated, thanks.

I haven’t tested, but isn’t it possible to setup an emulated device with KitKat?