Any good native ad networks?

I’m looking for an ad network providing native ads with easy integration. I have a messaging app and want to show ads in ListView.

I’m currently using FAN and I’m not very happy with the rates I’m getting so I want to test more networks. Do you have any suggestions?

You can try Avocarrot it’s pretty easy to integrate and provides good results
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Generally native ads have low fill rates so i suggest to try combinations of more than 1 network.

Could you let me know the minimum API version supported by FAN? Their docs seem to indicate 15 but their AAR manifest says 11. I was wondering if they ever supported 10/Gingerbread.

Admob is coming up with one,
If you have admob rep in your contact, you ask him for beta invitee

How to have someone to contact at AdMob? they assign you someone if you reach some minimum income?

Currently I’m using API 15 in my app and I haven’t used anything before that so I don’t know if they support 11 or 10.

Have you looked at Erste Schritte - Facebook-SDK für Android - Dokumentation - Meta for Developers if they have more info?

Whats your user base and how many downloads are you getting, also what ad networks have you used and what cpms are you looking for? This is the questions you should be asking before choosing an ad network

Appnext has a native ads solution, used by the biggest app today - Clean Master, UC web, Battery saver, 360 Security, and the list goes on… This means that our native ads solution should be pretty straight forward and simple to use.
Ping me for more details, or just sign up at Appnext to get access to it.

Sorry, but getting ads for apps like Clean Master, Battery saver and 360 Security would be a reason for me NOT to use Appnext.

You misunderstood - these are some of our PUBLISHERS. Not advertisers. If the world’s biggest apps are using our monetization methods, I hope this can make you feel comfortable with using them as well.

These apps also advertise from time to time, and I can assure you that their promotions will appear in 95% of the ad networks you will use (if not 100%). Usually, since they are very popular, they generate a pretty good eCPM. But that’s beside the point.

Do you provide adapters for MoPub? Interstitial and native ads?

For interstitial - of course.
For Native ads - not sure, i’ll have to ask.

Ping me for more details or look in our tools section.

Actually, I looked around your website before posting the message. I could see that you provide interstitials and native ads but I couldn’t find any link to samples or SDKs. Can you post the link for the “tools” section?

You need to sign up in order to get to the tools section. Sign up (takes 1 minute) and then click on the ‘SDK and Integration’ tab on top, or go to this link.

You can try avocarrot. By choosing the list placement you can ad native ads in your ListView and customize it however you want. Also you can add more native ads to unutilized placements that your app may have and add new revenue streams.

You can take a look in the below screenshot to see some examples of in-list and custom native ads in a messaging app.

If you want you can send me some screenshots of your app to personalize them with avocarrot native ads.

Yep. Avocarrot is good. You ca register from my link and try them;)

So what have you tried? Did you find a good native ads network? I have tried startapp, appnext and avocarrot. Avocarrot was good 3-4 weeks ago but now is becomeing ridiculous. Before it was 1.2 ecpm on showed impressions and 80% fill rate which gives arround 1 ecpm for ad request ( ad request = showed impressions + not showed impressions). Now it is 0.8 ecpm on showed impressions with 50% fill rate which gives nearly 0.5 ecpm for ad requests. So now i make half or even less of the money of 3-4 weeks ago… Appnext was good the first week but after that the ecpm dropped from 2 to 0.25 lol. With Startapp I used to have 1 - 1.6 ecpm for a long period but 2-3 months ago they start a decline and ecpm goes to 0.5$. I want to try some small apps on other networks to see how it goes. So did you find something stable and not with a ridiculous ecpm?

you can try incentmobi, our ad network. we pay $40-$60 for your every 1000 new installs. and our SDK is very easy to integrate.

Please man, let keep it serious…