Any good incentive networks?

I’d love to start doing some download apps / watch videos for in game currency / items. What do you guys use for that. How well does it perform? Currently I’m using UnityAds for rewarded video decent CPM but %40-50 fill rate.

VC or incent video is a great way to utilize video. Users are happy as they get something out of it and are more than happy to watch the whole video. I’m currently using Adcolony and vungle on Aerserv mediation, although with vungle my CPM isnt the best as users don’t seem to convert well. Adcolony and Aerserv are doing well giving me around $6-7 CPM with good fill rate.

I’ve also heard good things about Tapjoy and their other incent ads and polls.

I’m integrating the TapJoy code, i ll keep you updated with the results

I know I’ve asked this multiple times, but could you make a screen of your fill rate? Otherwise I don’t believe it. Simply taking the ratio between requests and videos started is not the fill rate.
To get a fill rate this low you’d need to have more than half of your downloads from Africa and I already don’t have the best geo.