Any good CPM ads for publishers?

anyone know a high paying CPM banner.

Im looking for banners 300x200 or i can redesign it.

I can get good number of impressions per day and thus want good CPM value.

My target audience is active android users.

Any ideas?

Try Startapp Exit Ad. I have up to $3 Epcm.
Good luck.

Why have you spammed the same message across several threads all in one go?
Referring and recommending networks is obviously fine, but don’t just spam it everywhere dude.

Now you’ve said that I doubt whether he is a StartApp agent or NOT. I was considering using their Exit Ads, now I’m not sure. Can any senior member please confirm StartApp Exit Ads revenue and behavior if they’ve tried it.

I dont think he is startapp agent i think he just spam for the referrals =)

You should try admob or airpush.These two networks are the highest paying.