Any free app to hide my Personal data of my phone?

I just buy new HTC One as my office phone and I’m not sure about any security app which can help me improve my privacy protection. i have heard about Leo Privacy guard, which is free application so bit confused with should i use it or will it gives me all round protection or i need to pay after some time?
I even wanted to know what will be the best application for antivirus and image editing as I’m new with Android.Is there any other app for security or should i go with Leo privacy guard?

I suggest you to try Leo Privacy Guard that can secure you phone and data and also keep your phone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes. Leo Privacy Guard hide your photo/videos and secure your phone call.

If you are on android and you want to have privacy, then don’t login on Playstore.

I also recommend Leo Privacy Guard. It’s definitely the best security app I’ve used so far.

It gives you the ability to hide apps, photos, videos, contacts, phone calls, & more. You also have the option to password protect your applications.

It’s also free so you don’t have to spend any money or worry about premium upgrades.

i also suggest you the leomaster app

Me too, I would also recommend the same, its amazing app and provides us utmost security.