Any experience with

Hi everybody,

I just finished creating a new app and uploaded it to Gplay.

10 hours later I received an email from someone at who offers the following:

I’m contacting you today because I found your app on Google Play and thought you could use my help getting more users?

I’m working for a company and I can help you get your app reviewed and featured on popular app review sites like 148apps, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, TheNextWeb and handful more.

For 99 euro (107 USD) myself and two other members of our team will prepare together press release package for your app then distribute your app along with your new press release to journalists and reporters reviewing apps for the 4 sites above + 56 other popular app review sites.

Are you interested?
I am happy to give you more information and discuss available options for promoting your app.

Does anybody have any experience with this company? It sounds like a great offer but I don’t know if it is a trustful company or not. I don’t want to spend my money somewhere and then I won’t see them any more or even worse they provide something Google Play won’t like and close my account.

Any comments about it are appreciated.



I tried the 50(45) euro package, I will see how it goes.

Hi Samueli,

thanks for your reply. Please can you tell me when you ordered the 50 € package?
What did tey tell you how long it takes until you see any results?

I have ordered it today for the 30 review sites, I will post updates about their service.

Hi Chamelion,
I’d say nothing beats having a direct relationship with a reviewer. It would be more beneficial for you to spend more time approaching reviewers (say on Twitter), getting to know them and trying to build a relationship than use an external service.
If you want a proof reader, get someone to help you. There are also tons of resources on how to approach journalists, prepare a press-release, etc. You could start with these:

The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email via @Onboardly
5 tips for talking to the media about your mobile game or app - Mobile Mavericks
Gamasutra - Five PR tips indies really need
Marketing Your Indie Game: The Single Most Important Thing That No One Knows How to Do - Tuts+ Game Development Article
Kieron Gillen’s Workblog » How To Use And Abuse The Gaming Press And How The Gaming Press Wants To Use and Abuse You.

Last but not least, journos mostly hate PR / press-release companies, they want real meat, they want to talk to you.
Have fun and all the best :slight_smile:

PS The links above are mostly about mobile games but I guess the approach in general would be similar with a non-gaming app.

You are totally right, as for myself I don’t have the time to spend on marketing so I look for shortcuts.

But it is much better to contact them yourself and get them to write about you.

Unfortunately some will still ask for money.

Well they still haven’t answered me, and on second thought I think its a waste of money because they only send your app to review sites which does not mean they will actually review it.

Dont use their service.

Hi Samueli,

thanks a lot for updating the thread with your experience. It is much appreciated.
I already doubted as well since I never heard back from them when I sent them a message
that I first need some proof of their successful working promotion.

Today I received a similar offer from another company. Maybe someone knows this company ( and has experience with them, good or bad?

We will submit your app to over 115 of the top Android App Review sites for you.
Getting app reviews for your app is an important way to get your app noticed and get you MORE INSTALLS!
Our clients using this service are seeing some amazing results. Our last few clients noticed a 30%-50% increase in installs shortly after our work. Another client had his app featured and got over 8,000 installs in just one day!
Over the years my team and I have worked on hundreds of apps and we’ve networked and created contacts at all of the top Android app reviews sites. You could spend days finding the best review sites and manually filling in the long forms to submit your app or searching for the best contact at the review site to ask for a review for OR you could simply have our team do all of the hard work for you, using our contacts and we’ll submit your app to over 115 app review sites + a SPECIAL bonus mentioned below.

The reviews from other sites are great and can send direct traffic to your app BUT the real value is in the fact that you are earning tons of direct links to your app page. Links are the currency of the web and these links can increase your apps rankings in both the Google Play store and where your app appears in Google searches. App rankings = Links and Links can increase your rankings which will lead to more subsequent app installs.

Today we have a great SPECIAL offer- we’ll submit your app to 115 Android app review sites on your behalf AND We’ll also provide you with a full spreadsheet listing each website URL and contact details that we used for each one. (So you can reuse our resources for your future apps) AND we will also promote your app with a link on a Facebook profile that has over 4000 app review followers… The BONUS promotion of publishing your app to 4000 app review followers on Facebook is for a limited time… you get this AND the 115 app review requests all within this package!

Signup today and we’ll complete this work for you within 1 week. Space is limited

I hope someone can tell me something about this company as well or just post any service which you know is working for you. This would be much appreciated and I think there are so many apps out there that sucha service won’t be oversaturated.



I also got this same email from but I don’t find there website and service to be promising.


You don’t have to go through all that, go directly for the downloads, we can help you with that in
PM me for more details, or add me on Skype: mouad.waypedia

Reviews are nice, but I wouldn’t really pay for them. Instead do some cross promotion, that way you don’t rely on money, but on how good is your game or app. That method keeps me wanting to improve for each new app and see how they grow. I use Tappx for cross promotion, and they do their job and the IT support are really nice, plus it’s free. So you don’t’ risk anything giving it a try.

Thanks Lau, just checked tappx web and seems fine (also into their twitter they seem to have happy members). Will post about results soon.

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