any experience of amazon ads?

please share your experience about amazon ads within apps published in amazon store.

do they earn more than admob ads?

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Very low fillrate, nice eCPM but it’s for regions where adMob probably also has high eCPM. So it’s hard to tell. It was definitely worth it in the begininning, now, I don’t know.

mostly my traffic is from USA.
admob is giving me less in all the apps published in amezon in comparison to GP.

any idea what are stats these days if you can share please.

thanks for the reply though.
but i could not understand your answer. please elaborate

Lol I was just interested in this thread so I replied in this so I can find it easily [emoji6]

looks like amazon ads are dead.
noone replied on this so far.

I have a bunch of apps on amazon. Initially, I used their SDK for ads but the fill-rate was abysmal. Also, the download rate is terrible compared to GP. I switched all the ads from Amazon to Admob and it was ‘less’ bad but still only 10 % revenue of GP. Ive now given up on Amazon as a source of revenue.

Amazon ads in a nutshell (my personal experience only):

  • They serves ads only in Tier 1 countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany etc. (no ads at all in Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries), so the fill rates can be quite low (20%-80%). If the majority of your audience is from Tier 1 countries, your fill rates can stay 95+%.
  • Average eCPM is about 25% lower, than on AdMob.
  • Amazon Ads work best on Amazon Appstore, but my free apps never performed very well there. I’m sitting at #1 in a certain category and still only get a fraction of DL’s from Google Play, where my apps is ranked far lower.

Hope this helps.

I had earn thousands from Amazon, and I used their ad as primary, admob as secondary. Bad fill rate, good eCPM for my apps.