Any Developer from India please help me

Hello All,
I’ve recently developed an app and published it in google play. I’m using admob for ads and SBI (State Bank of India) for wire transfer. In the first month i’ve earned $101 and it was fully deposited in my SBI. In the second month i’ve earned $156, but only got $150 in my bank account($6 had been charged for some reason and it is not even showing up in bank statement). In my bank statement it shows $150 and in Admob payments it shows $156. Can some one tell me is there any additional charges that SBI takes apart from Forex Txn Commission and Forex Txn Service ?

Note : I’ve contacted the bank and this is what they have replied.

“Charges Rs172 for 22/02/2016 recovered correctly as per exiting terms and conditions”

They said they have charged 172 rupees as per some terms & conditions, but $6 us dollars is equal to around 400 rupees right ?

Thanks in advance.