Any CPM network? NOT ECPM!

Do you know any network which pays for clicks only? I’m talking about only CPC, not eCPM.

bump, I am interested in this as well, although I am afraid there is nothing yet.
Probably some major networks offer cpm on a case by case basis with big / branded app. It is probably going to take a while for small / unknown developers :confused:

well, Admob, Mobfox, Inmobi are CPC/CPM networks. there are some more.

here you can see exact details, but it is a bit old.

20 Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Mobile App

I think TapContext is CPC.

I have used both inmobi and mobfox and they are not CPC/CPM. They run a mix of CPC, CPM and CPI campaigns. They might have CPC/CPM campaigns for geographies where they have a good sales force but for other geographies, they run mostly CPI/Subscription campaigns. Also, they run such campaigns only on premium inventory. I have a friend working in a newspaper who said they sell their mobile inventory at around 2$ CPM flat.

Most of the apps out there will never get to see such premium campaigns. So even if there are lot of clicks, unless your user performs some action you might not see any money.

yeah, possible. In the link I provided there is a table at the end. But, as you also stated, they can also run CPI campaigns where they don’t have good sales without telling to the developer.

just one question, what does " they sell their mobile inventory at around 2$ CPM flat. " this exactly mean? I didn’t get

This means they will get paid by the ad network even if the inventory goes unfilled. Networks usually pay developers only for served/viewed ad impressions. But for such premium publishers, they have to commit a certain fixed CPC/CPM beforehand and pay it no matter what happens.

Revmob but they CPM very low from february 0.44 before it was 1.20. They not pay for intstalls only for clicks.
Tapcontex t per click, but payment system crazy.

Tell me if I’m wrong but there is no such thing like eCPM network. CPM is cost per mille(thousand) views but eCPM is almost the same but eCPM is a rate i.e. there can be CPI adnetwork and they also can give payment result in eCPM. If I’m wrong please correct me!