Any body tried Adwool network?

Hello friends
i have tried many networks in my android app like appnext,startapp,leadbolt etc
but i listen from many people that affilate marketing gives more revenue
So i want try it

There are multiple android cpa offers on this website
Reviews of CPA Networks, Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks - Affpaying

But i not want to understand how to promote cpa urls in my app
Any body help me please

So do u tried this way monetization?

In order to use CPA offers you first have to make sure every campaign you intend to use are compliant with play store policies. Then you have to implement some geolocation in your app in order to properly target your users, since most campaigns only work for certain countries. You’ll also need to write a platform that allows you to update and rotate campaigns and their corresponding media(icons, banners, videos, etc).

That’s basically what an Ad Network does for you. Maybe stick to it until you have a better understanding of how CPA offers work, and how to take advantage of them.

PS: I just realized I replied to a 3 month old post lol

Hi, you are right, affiliate marketing might be a good revenue-driver when done right. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of time to be spent on A/B testing, optimization etc.
If it happens that you don’t drive conversions to your advertiser, you won’t be paid at all. And it’s not completely your fault.
Sometimes advertisers require too much. For example, they want the user to overcome a few time-consuming registrations or add a deposit to an account for the conversion to be counted.

On the other hand, CPA offers might deliver higher eCPM rates if everything goes smoothly.

I’d suggest you focus on the CPC/CPM app monetization platforms because of these reasons:

  • you receive stable earnings for your traffic (no matter how many conversions you delivered to the advertiser).
  • you avoid all the pain and hassle connected with tests and daily optimization;
  • the setup is quite simple. You only add 1 SDK and start monetization etc.

If you don’t want to spend much time on settings and optimization, give a try to Epom Apps. After sign up, you’ll get your personal manager who will help you with integration, and take care of everyday optimization. Before running ads in your app, our manager will analyze your traffic and audience. Afterward, he will offer you the most relevant and high-paying ads and ad formats.

I wish you good luck with your monetization. Please feel free to reach me with any monetization-related questions :slight_smile: