Any ads network allow a llitle sexy content

Dear all !
i have some android app have a little sexy content ( not xxx, sex), but admob aleart me :
This email is to alert you that one of your applications is not currently in compliance with our AdMob program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your application.

Any good ads network allow a llitle sexy content :frowning:

Thank you very much

AppLovin ?

Copying my post from another thread…

If it does not contain nudity you shouldn’t face problems with most of the networks… See where most of your users are from… Find out which network is good in those countries… While registering make sure you check with your account manager if this content is allowed so that you do not end up losing your money later on…

Oh can you share me some your exp, You use what ads network for this. And combine with other? Thank you!

I dont have such apps, but some of my friends do… Where are most of your users from?

Most asia, some form US AND Europe

You can consider the following options.

Ad aggregators - This might be a good option for you, since they have a lot of ad sources and I dont think will have a problem with content like yours. Most aggregators have good traffic for US and EU. Asia not so much. The ones that have good ad inventory for Asia are Smaato, Adiquity and inneractive.

You can also try out inmobi. They usually do not have problems with mature content since they label it as adult internally. But are known to block accounts when you near the payout stage. So make sure you ask them if they are fine with the content before going ahead.

If nothing works go with Admoda(Adult moda) or reporo… Both of them are adult ad networks.

yes thank you very much. i hear someone talk adult moda pay money much ^^. That’s right?