Any ad network suggestions?

I’ve been getting under $1 CPM on all ad networks recently. I use Unity, does anyone know of a good ad network for interstitials that they can recommend? I will use a referral as long as you are being honest about it’s performance.

Ok all the information you need with proper layout is here

At some point all AD networks go up and down but that list is recent with 4 networks that are consistant.

If you’re getting that CPM from a number of different networks, then you’re unlikely to find a network that can do better.

All you can do is wait, as my previous poster said. Our ecpm is also down to $1 ecpm and lower in any interstitial network since December. Ad income is only 1/4 of Novembers income. No changes with video ads though. Rewarded Video Ads doing fine with $6-7 ecpm.

What type of app do you have?

What are the top 5 countries for your traffic?

iOS vs. Android?

Where do you show the interstitial?

What networks have you tried so far?

What’s the scale of your rewarded video? Curious if that CPM scales.

Yeah, it scales between $5 and $7.5

Sorry, what I meant is, does that CPM remain constant as the number of impressions/users rises to a large scale. For example, from 1,000 impressions per day to 10,000,000 impressions per day.

We only have 12.000 impressions per day now, but while it increased over the last weeks, our ecpm kept stable.

Gotcha, thanks!

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