Answers to 5 top-asked questions about in-app DATA MONETIZATION

Hi developers!

I receive many questions regarding in-app data monetization. Today data monetization is the best alternative to in-app ads and many developers are interested in it. That’s why I decided to bring together 5 top-asked questions about data monetization and answer them here —>

5 questions that I covered:

  1. What is app data monetization?
    2. How much my app will earn with data monetization?
  2. If I have enough data to monetize. whom can I transfer it to?
  3. How many DAU should I have to earn solid money with data monetization?
  4. Can I completely stop running ads in my app when I start data monetization?

Have you already tried data monetization? DM me If you have any other questions related to data monetization :slight_smile: