another angle, get paid for newsletter signups: apponsor SDK with numbers

Hi everybody,

after DroidCon in Turino I thought I would give you an update about our Apponsor SDK. Apponsor lets you offer your apps free of charge and ads but still earn money. How do we do that?
When the user starts the app he is paired with a suitable sponsor and invited to register for a newsletter of the sponsor.
The newsletter sponsor pays a commission for each sign-up directly to you, and here’s the math based on our existing customer base:
The conversion rate is approximately 25%, the fee a sponsor pays per sign-up is between 0.20-0.40 €.
Average revenue per 1000 installs (RPMI) in October 2013 was 62.92 Euro.
Apps with our SDK get about 75k installs/month at the moment which means we do have a large enough client base to attract big name sponsors and you can check out the Webelinx studio to see some apps which run the apponsor SDK

Btw, you can fully customize when and how often this invitation is being shown as well as the consequences of a successful newsletter registration: You can turn off ads, you can enable new levels of gaming or make other features available.

Of course, you can still use an alternative advertising network together with apponsor if you like…
If you have any questions just ask…


Can you handle worldwide traffic or only a few countries?

Pontiflex does this already and they are good, getting like $12 ecpm rates with them on signup ads.

I tryied them but is shows " no offer in your region ". Do you really have $12 ecpm ? is pretty high

im also useing Pontidlex and they sucks… last month i got
Ad Impressions Ad Signups Revenue eCPM Your Registrations Registration Sign up Rate
4,588 61 $27.02 $5.89 775 23.10%
and i got more then 5k downloads per day

thats y this month im using polfish
but i may try apponsor
if they have worldwide traffic

I get a lot of USA traffic so they good for me.

We can handle traffic worldwide but at this point we match sponsors for leads from GER, AT, CH, UK, NL, with Italy, Spain and France coming shortly. Since apponsor works great in combination with other in-app advertising networks (like admob) you would still be able to run those ads in case we have no newsletter signup sponsor to show to the user.

A couple of things here:

  1. Last time I looked at it, Pontiflex required users to input all their data manually. Our SDK pulls an email-address and optionally a name from the contact data and all the user has to do is check a box and click one button. -> higher conversion rate, no spelling mistakes, verified email address -> happy sponsors -> higher fees
  2. You can compare the ecpm to our RPMI. If you look at our conversion rate the revenue per thousand is much higher than your $12; October 2013 was average of €62.92. Plus, all the users who opt not to sign up for a newsletter will still get the in-app ads from your network, leading to an even higher ecpm. It’s a classic win-win, really :wink:
  3. A word on payments: We pay out starting at €50, at the 20th of each month, using PayPal or bank transfer.

Probably true. At the same time that means you need the GET_ACCOUNTS permission, that means less downloads

I have to say I’ve never seen download decreases from that permission.

Honestly I’ve never seen decreases from any permissions except ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION since it makes the rating low maturity. 99% of users don’t even read the permission list after installing a few apps

Is any interface for handle user registerd or not ? I think to use singups instead of in app puchase

I am not sure I understand the question, could you rephrase it?