Announcement - First Public Bot for Google Play Downloads - Limited

The Return of the “scammer” - Pack is worth $6000

Yes, I’m ramzixp and can be called by some people are spammer or scammer, yeah…fckin scammer oO. Never scammed anybody but spammed? Yes! I’m full of
controversies, sometimes rude but I’m here member for 2012 and dev for 2011. I’m in this industry longer than you, much longer.
Who wants to comment, think twice… with your multiaccounts.

I want to sell you the pack of code, what can be used to make you some bigger bucks. Just for $99… why I’m selling? Yes, I’m bankrupt, never invested my earned money and fighting to get money for CPI and promotions. Yes, I’m honest and don’t care your opinions. I’m giving you perfect code for $99, I’m good developer but in shithole.

@fckramzixp @ramzixp’mom @jim → I know you will comment, crash me and insult me, this offer is not for you. Everyone can think himself and buy it or not! For you I can be even dildo rapper…

My $99 pack includes:

Custom cash reward app, what I developed with backend and frontend
Prisma Clone Application what I developed
Prism - effects app never sold before
MP3 Downloader - Hearthis API what I developed
Zipper Lock Screen App what I developed

Additional Source Codes:
Snow Swipe Time Chupa
Color Match Chupa
Volleyball King Chupa
Phone Cleaner Chupa

3,5gb source codes
105 codes with codecanyon, chupa apps and games
GCM notification system (admin panel)
1500 icon sets
300 icons
3x psd icon generators for photoshop (psd)

Additional downloaders created by me:

Mp3 downloader Jamendo
Mp3 downloader Jamendo2
Mp3 downloader Jamendo3
Mp3 downloader Google API
Mp3 downloader Soundcloud

My old ebooks 2012 and 2015:
40 pages of knowledge for almost free… ebook have 1 year but a lot of knowledge is not outdated.

Some knowledge may be used for beginners

Chapter 1: ASO
-what is ASO
-application description and title -translations, why to use it?
-graphics aso is also important -google +1 as ASO method
-how to force 5 star rating and not get banned -before publish SEO, free blogger technique -wordpress can boost your application in 2 ways! Ping! -microsite, the best way to collect users -collection of 12 ASO tips and tricks for your application

Chapter 2: Monetization
-ad types and the biggest representatives
-what kind of ad should I use -mediation, custom solution with priority and remote control -how to monetize widget and live wallpaper
-blackhat monetization method from the past works, use it and not get banned (how to avoid ban)

Chapter 3: Downloads tricks and tips!
-category booster, how to bust your downloads
-downloads incrementator, new method, not used before. (Metcalfe’s Law in your app business, unlimited downloads possible)
-new House Ads method
-not used before to keep your users forever
-push notifications? Why not if used correct, you will avoid ban
-how Google ranks your application, main factors

Chapter 4: Detect Google Bot
-what is Google Bouncer and how to bypass it
-how to create new Google Play account and keep it live when you was banned in the past
-additional tips to avoid bans when you was banned in the past

Chapter 5: Bad Apps
-what is bad app
-the most profitable kind of bad apps and some titles

How to buy my pack? Send me $99…I will resend you email with your pack in next 10h max…
my paypal is [email protected]

Your’s belowed scammer^^

It downloads only APK from server, or it is seen like real downloading app from google play? If it downloads only .apk - the code for this is available on StackOverflow and it’s easy to do it. If it is downloading app from GP - is it counted in GP as real download?

I think that you should use this method by yourself and be a millionaire… (just add this method to your apps)

Real downloads from Google Play app :wink: We can talk on skype later if you want :wink:
Method without devices is useless because time economy is very poor. Please note, that every change of device data such IMEI, device token, system version, kernel install and much more, demands device restart. So each iteration, it’s auto-restart device with new data to stay undectable. Ofcourse it’s possible to use some 5 devices, like I have 5 but…restart it’s 1-5 minutes, depends to device. With 5 devices and 5 minutes, you have 100 installs/hour and some 1000/day. To get effect, minimum 50 devices required.
I haven’t money to buy 200 devices :wink: :smiley:

and can you show the demo for purchase and payment methods also?

Is it to be used on users’ devices or our own device?

demo will be possible on video only

  1. Version 1 for users devices
  2. Version 2 own devices

No offence Ram, but I’ve known about you for years…Why are you still spamming google??? I mean seriously…Lol…You just keep running blackhat crap. Not trying to be mean…but come on bro, I know exactly what method your using because I used to use it myself 2-3 years ago and its actually insanely illegal…Plus good luck getting past google, you act as if this is 2011 still on google play…when it is not. Get with the times man, move past this BH crap and start working on a legitimate mobile property. You’ve been running BH way to long,

And don’t tell me there is no $$ in WH…I ran BH for over 10 years and the last 3 years spent it building WH mobile properties and it does 1000x better

Hi, can you please share some useful WH things? thanks!

BH is no money for weeks, then 10k, then 100k and then…account blocked = zero.
WH is like $1, then $5, then $10, then $15, then $35… never goes down and always goes up, but grows very slowly.

Pick yours.

If you went BH in Google Play, there is no way for you to get back into WH. You can try Amazon or other platforms like Windows or iOS but not Google Play. I will not risk WH and be detected or not use in app payments. You can always be detected in Google Play and using iap is 100% detect in couple months. Results? Ban, even you are not using any BH.

Exactly, so all techniques for anti-ban (like creating new acc with new data) are not working. :slight_smile:

works but… limited time :wink: it’s infinity war against google :stuck_out_tongue:

“I am the most spammer on this forum”

ramzixp, you are not close to being the “most spammer” on this forum. There are people here making over $100k USD every single day. You have desperately been trying to sell your shitty ebook for $25 a piece, which means you’re likely poor.

For anyone considering this, I would strongly suggest checking ramzixp’s previous threads. He is a scammer. He always claims “there’s 10 spots left” for the product he is selling or whatever and then a month later, sells the same product at a significantly reduced price.

and what? it’s my product and it’s business, never say it’s new product to cheat anybody, it’s just discount, if you have any problem with this, gtfo :wink:

Version 2, for your device (root required)

  1. Change all device data
  2. Login to Play Store
  3. Download app
  4. Iteration

Can use the same WIFI network for all devices?

For version 1 you can’t upload the App with bot on Play Store Google will ban your app instantly so you can only publish it on 3rd party stores. People who download apps from 3rd party app stores 70-90% of them don’t have play store installed. Most of the users will delete your app before your bot can even run.

Version 2:
It’s not easy to change IMEI number it’s different for every device so it would only work for some specific devices. You will also have to keep an eye on the devices because when deleting all the data again and again sometimes your phone can mess up. Let’s say you have created a perfect system which can change all the data from phone and reboot with new data Now you will need a lot of Google play accounts which a bot can’t do for you because there’s captcha and there is some other important stuff which needs to be changed
In Short:

It won’t work try spending your time on creating a good useful app instead

Interesting that app2top is bot, version 2 like I said :wink: IMEI is changeable, there is no captcha on android 5.0 devices when creating new google account but still, accounts can be preaproved

So why dont you use it yourself for your apps? That would make you more money than selling!

It’s the good old “selling the money machine” plot, instead of making money for one self using it.