Angry Shark Evolution Clicker

Angry Shark Evolution Clicker is a new entertainment from the Toolbex team in which you will participate in the evolution of evil sharks.

In the game there are a lot of (more than 35) species of sharks that you will have to explore. It all begins in the deep sea, where you have to cross ordinary kinds of sharks bringing out rare and unique creatures. Along the way, evolving sharks, you have to go down into the bowels of the earth, to its core, to explore the most dangerous species of sharks! Game mechanics is built in such a way that you can play in a relaxed state, relying on the income of sharks, or squeeze the maximum clicking all and all :slight_smile:
Unobtrusive, nice graphics and music will plunge into the world of underwater adventure and relax after a hard day of heavy or just plain fun to pass the time.

• Click on the shark and drag it to another, the same shark, to create a new mysterious creature
• Buy new creatures for earned eggs and earn even more caviar
• If you feed the shark with meat, you will get an interesting effect
• Runes can be purchased for runic stones
• Runic stones can be obtained by sacrificing the last shark - the queen by typing 3 of her charge
• Open a new planet to extract BitCoin (BitCaviar) and scrap
• Different locations and many kinds of sharks
• Interesting improvements, allowing faster and better development in the game
• Unexpected mixture of “Evolution”, “2048” and stage-by-stage clicker
• Runes of the dark queen giving an advantage in the gameplay
• Incredibly beautiful HD graphics
• No shark was harmed while creating the game, only the developers


Developers are always happy with your feedback, and often respond in comments;)
Thank you for your attention!