Anyone have opinions about Andromo?

cut and paste apps, limited options and ad networks, otherwise great

Going to try it today

Please let me know how it goes and your thoughts! :slight_smile:

I actually use Andromo and I have a good amount of apps on opera appstore made with Andromo. If you don’t know how to program then the apps you make will be limited to making apps but not games. But after you learn a bit about html and javascript , you can make fun games too using andromo. So its easy to use to make simpler apps with the ability to make more powerful apps when you learn coding. It has about 6 or 7 ad networks you can use too.

I use Andromo, and I will try give as unbiased as a review as possible.

1.) It’s definitely the easiest way to create an app without any coding knowledge.
2.) It is very limited, sure it can do alot, but don’t go in with an amazing app idea, you’re better off to play with it and build an app around its limitations.
3.) It needs more ad options, I think it’s 4 networks, amazon, admob, tappage… maybe I missed one… I think that is it. But lets be honest, Admob is the best anyway.
4.) The community seems a bit small. There are some great members, like pixelpower up there! but most f the time I find the forums to be a bit stagnant.
5.) It is missing some key features, but they do update frequently. No in-app purchases yet, which is huge. Also limited “bulk” options, so sometimes building the app can be a bit tedious especially if you are using image galleries.
6.) It WILL pay itself off quickly :). I paid off my sub in 3 months. I was lazy, I could have done it faster!
7.) The support staff is fast! They have answered me quickly and helped a lot since I started.
8.) Because it is a “easy mode” app, I’ve noticed some hostility when promoting my apps in other places. Expect to be berated/belittled if you post somewhere like XDA or Reddit. Someone will point out you used a canned app platform and trash talk you for it. I’ve got thick skin, I don’t care, but it does close some avenues. It would be nice if they took the andromo self-ad out of the app because I actually think it’s the most damaging part of the platform!

My 2 cents!

I am an active Andromo member, not only using the service but also participating in the forums.
We are talking about an easy way to make Android apps, without knowing any coding. If you do know some HTML, css, java, you would make apps worthy of anyone’s download. If you do not, you can make apps of various styles, with predefined activities such as images, website, facebook, videos, rss, etc.
On monetizing, there are 3 options Admob (banner+interstitial), tapgage and amazon ads. I believe these are the most important at the moment anywya, but, well, updates are often. If the community asks for something which can be done, then it will be done eventually.
The staff is helpful, the community is sharing and kind, the interface is convenient yet powerful and the total experience is awesome.
I highly suggest Andromo for all of what it offers. As an amazingly disappointed previous user of a competitor website which allows apps without coding but only HTML5 format (oh come on, sometimes we want apps even when we do not have internet access!) I feel i am now in the right place.

Shop around, try different services, most of them have free trials. You can easily find more than a dozen service providers like Andromo. I’ve tried most of them and (I’m speaking for myself only) Andromo gives the best bang for your buck.

Hi Everyone,

I am one of the developers that helped create Andromo. I worked on a lot of the server build code as well as much of the client Android code. If you have any questions about our service feel free to ask them and I will try to answer them as best I can.



I use Andromo and I know Pro Devs that use it because it is easy and quick to make good apps and make good money from them. May be because it is too easy, many people make cheap looking apps but that gives a false impression. All my rated apps are above 4 stars in Playstore and the comments i get are very good.

Thank you very much for your insight! :slight_smile:

I’d love to try some of your apps. Can you share some of the links?

I started creating apps that I would use myself on a daily basis; Technology News, Premier League Football, Dance Music Radio…
I never expected the ad revenue really but since then, purely for revenue ive started making celebrity apps.
My Bieber app has been going 4 months and is growing $20 / month. It gets me $70 / month now with 6000+ downloads on Playstore (and more on other stores).
Here: - 52 ratings 70 +1’s 4.3 Stars
All my Apps: KickAssApps.Co
My Tech App:
Ive only been using Ads for 4 months and I am currently on $160 / month - so for me its a nobrainer

Thanks for sharing! I actually tried using Andromo myself and it turned out to be really easy and fun! I just started my apps and already made $10 yesterday. Just be careful because checking your admob accounts revenues is super addicting! I’m planning on making at least 20 apps now haha!

If you guys want to check out what Andromo can do check out my apps! :slight_smile:

Dont judge me. These apps work and make $$ haha!

I can also add to this you can make small action games with andromo in HTML + javascript . Also games like pop quizzes or minesweeper are easy to do. This is what separates andromo from regular app builders the customize features. Soon added support for localization in one click will be added.

Well @Pixelpower can I make applications which is similar to candy crush or hill climb racing over the Andromo ??? Why I am asking this is because at personal level I want to try developing application using the online services like you’ve mentioned Andromo.

It depends how well you know HTML . For regular apps andromo has a super easy to use wizard. For games you need to know HTML + javascript.

hmm… @Pixelpower tell me one more thing I know how to work my way out with java script, but could you suggest me someplace where I can learn HTML?

Ok to learn HTML 1st go here HTML Learning center for beginners and intermedite programmers: Introduction to HTML:Tutorial 1 Do the lesson’s 1-5 then after you do those you can learn to make apps with the tutorials I made on andromo here
Can you add HTML tutorials I made to knowledge base to help people here and get new customers / Suggestions / Discussion Area - Andromo App Maker Support