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A youtube video for this new arena:

I dont know… Phones are truly everywhere, thats why its worth developing for, while those other “wearable” devices are add-ons which only a fraction of the population would pay to use. I’m not still convinced about those techs (watches, Google Glass or Chromecast).

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I don’t see any money in this unless your doing paid apps or something. Samsung Gear was a flop for me, bought it and I sold it after a week. people really don’t want this crap yet.

I have no real sense yet for the value of these android watches - it is an interesting technology, however the trend seems to be for people preferring to ditch their watches in favor of having a phone - since the communication functionality is at the core and that device is essential. That the phone can also do other stuff essentially makes secondary stand alone products not as required - such as traditional watches and calculators etc.

Now if the watch started to have the same communications functionality as the phone - so as to replace the phone - then that could be something.

But other than that if the watch is going to be an addendum for the phone - then it seems like an extra piece of hardware to lug around.

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I have an idea for an Android+iOS watch app but on one hand Apple released the Watch SDK without access to sensors and on the other hand Android Watch (samsung, LG…) sales are bad (Apple watch outsould the entire yearly sales of android watches). It seems the only thing I can do is wait. Maybe with Moto 360 and Apple Watch battery reviews things will change :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea of Android wear. I like keeping track of my daily activities and having my schedule with me at all times, and this now makes it even better.

I will tell you that there are some android wear device knock-offs out there that tries to sell as Android wear devices, but in reality these are only “dummies” when compared to the real thing - so just a tip for everyone, when buying an Android Wear device, make sure you’re buying a high quality Android Wear device made by a well-known brand.

he guys, believe it or not this section of the forum is going to alive again! a lot of things are happening now, in the field of android or smart and hi-tech wearable. Google has surprised apple and declared its intentions to strike hard, by announcing a new program for android based watches. With the help of this program, newer android based smart watches are going to be compatible with the apple`s IOS based phones (iPhone). Therefore, what we are going to see is something wonderful in the near future.

In most simple words, the apple owners now, can look for an android OS running watch, as in past they don’t had any option but to keep themselves stick with the costly gadgets by Apple only. These days, Samsung is the leader among watch makers with a net share of 7.5%

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