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Android Wear – Another Gem In The World Of Wearables

Wearables are the next big buzz in technology. And Google announced its part in it – Android Wear. As the name entails, Android Wear is an Android-based initiative, which uses Google’s mobile operating system and an exclusive software development kit to incite the wearables world. Android is an exceptionally popular operating system from Google and runs on a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Leveraging the popularity and huge adaptability of Android, Google has launched Android Wear-powered smartwatch that will help users get useful information from finding a store to finding a weather related notifications by just simply twitching their wrist. Android Wear provides a highly useful extension of the user’s existing smartphone, transmitting spoken commands and requests for information from a watch on the wrist to a mobile device in a pocket. And with Android Wear you’ll find yourself interacting with multiple products because it lets your watch augment your phone’s capability. Or with Chromecast, it can enable to be connected to a television.

Android Wear isn’t solely a Google endeavor

Android Wear is starting with smartwatches. Motorola and LG were first among the competition, announcing the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. But Google has said it’s working with other partners in the Android Wear space, including HTC, ASUS and Samsung, and chip manufacturers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm. So Android Wear isn’t solely a Google endeavor. Even fashion brands like Fossil are on Android Wear, which in turn, has led other fashion and luxury brands to follow it.

Undoubtedly, Android Wear will also help Google to enter into the health and fitness world. It will tie into existing health and fitness apps, offering you real-time information on speed and distance, remind you of your exercise goals and will keep you abreast of your running, walking and cycling information.

And, of course, that’s only the beginning.

Why Apps on Android Wear?

In order to keep up with growing consumer demand for better and more useful apps, new platforms like Android Wear can’t be ignored – because its potential to extract valuable data from a smartwatch is going to change their life by letting them use the technology quickly and conveniently. Very soon people will be relying on their smart-watch for their small but important tasks like finding a nearby store, a restaurant or getting details of a safer place if they are stuck in some dangerous location. Google has already released its software development kit for Android Wear so developers can begin working on new apps for this emerging platform. Google recently released the Google Play Services 5.0 update for Android devices, which now includes Android Wear APIs. This enables developers to code many more useful apps to run on Android Wear.

App developers are keeping an eye on Android Wear – to, either, creating new apps for the platform offering more value to their users, or porting their older apps to work with this ground-breaking and emanating technology.

So how do we monetize the app on this “ground-breaking and emanating technology”? I don’t think you can serve ads on app like this, and dedicated premium game with excellent graphics has 500 downloads for the price of $1, while crafting the game probably took like $100k, and moving it to Wear probably took additional 10 - 20k. The game has also 10 - 50k downloads for $5 on smartphones, and 500k+ downloads of the free version. By the way, both free and paid smartphone versions have IAP, and the wearable version doesn’t. So, they earned around a $200,000 - $700,000 on the smartphones version, and $500 on wearables. The app I’m talking about is Guns´n´Glory Heroes.

Waoww Great!
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Smart watches are worth buying if you have a use for them. Additionally, they’re worth buying if you are going to keep the device you originally purchased it for. There are many company like Samsung, LG, Moto, Sony etc released their best android wear smartwatches with some amazing configurations.

Speaking of Android Wear, the new Android Wear 2.0. update won’t be available on the full range. For example, devices like Moto 360 and LG G Watch won’t have this update. Why???