android testing question

Does android test your app before it goes into the android market like apple does to there or do i have to look for tester to test my app out?

Look for a tester.

No, Google don’t test your app for you. You have three choices:

  1. Release to Google Play without testing on different devices (or emulators) and let the users test it for you :eek: Just sit back and wait for the bad reviews to roll in - Not a good idea!

  2. Test it yourself on any devices you can get your hands on plus emulated devices at all the versions of android you support. This is time consuming, but any professional (or professionally minded) software engineer will do this.

  3. Release to a market that does test, such as Samsung Apps, wait a week, get the report, fix the bugs, resubmit it, wait another week, etc.

In reality option 2 has to be done!

You can release Beta and Alpha versions to Google play and only let people who are members of a private Google+ community or group access it for testing.

I want to know if anyone use apkudo for testing android out?