Android Studio - Will It Screw Us?

I am wondering what people think as far as Android Studious goes. Will they be able to imprint apps in a way that allows them to see if we have dual registrations? I want to use it but fear it could screw me over.

Do they force it to use by developers? Will they plan to do so?

I don’t like Android Studio (and all that Gradle stuff) so I intend to use Eclipse as long as posibble.

Im interested in this also

i just downloaded it… We don’t have choice in the future I think.

I don’t really think so at all ! But still I would say I like Eclipse much better than Android Studio but as said by Google we don’t have any choice other than Android Studio in future which means that no matter we like it or not we need to start making ourself familiar with this one !

I didn’t want to use Android Studio when it was in beta stage but because I was working on some open source projects I had to start using it. Now i am using Android Studio for a long time and its very good. It makes developing apps really fast. It has so many features. I don’t know much if google is using it to track apps but if google is than the apps developed using eclipse are also not safe from google.

Anyone has any experience with using android studio and google “cross bans”? I mean, can google “connect” your accounts by you using android studio to develop/publish your apps?

I find it hard to believe they will actually do that.

I have been using android studio for almost a year now and its much more convenient than eclipse for me plus the gradle makes me less worry about configuring different library projects.
Plus it is much easier to code in eclipse with the code auto completion and the lint support is really good.

The only thing I don’t miss about eclipse is how everything used to break after updating the adt plugin.

Well, it’s not a problem anymore since there are no updates. :smiley:

(Joke aside, I’ve just checked and there ARE updates to ADT still, I see Android 5.1.1 in there, so it seems they do support it still to some extent)

And I really miss the time I had to restart eclipse once in some hours just because it stopped working properly.

Hey guys ,

Most of the libraries are now moving towards android studio and gradle builds . I felt the learning curve was a bit steep after developing on eclipse for so many years . But once you get a hang of it , the integration is much more seamless. And it’ll only get better in upcoming builds. Indeed its a pain to import libraries and API’s but this the the way forward. The last time i checked , eclipse lacked support for 5.x. It might be different now but switching to android studio has created no pains for me in any way. (apart from couple of weeks of regular swearing!)

Eclipse makes laptop very slow when i try to open layout files. Even my laptop has 4GB RAM and i have assigned a lot to eclipse as well.

Have you noticed any slowness witj Android studio?

Anything else which is noticable in contrast to eclipse?

any good tutorial u can suggest please?

Well its very similar to eclipse but much easier to develop with, they have an option to connect a debbuger on runtime.

The only big difference is the gradle build file but its not very difficult to work with even easier than working with library project

There is as well a dark theme which is really cool.

You can watch the following tutorial:

Sorry mate , I dont remember using a tutorial , but Im sure there are many tutorials that get the job done. Once you know the initial set up its as easy as eclipse. Then as you stumble into problems just search for them and there’ll be plenty of answers on stack overflow. My big issue was importing jars and libs and I asked sometimes on their github page or stack overflow.

As for performance , I cant really judge because I was using eclipse on my desktop setup (4 gb ram , i5) and i used to edit layout via xml so it wasn’t that big a deal but yes, loading layout was slow. Im using android studio on macbook pro which has an ssd so both eclipse and android studio fire up very quickly.

Other thing to notice are keyboard shortcuts , I had most of them in my muscle memory and now i have to relearn every shortcut , but that will be a habit as time goes on. Anyways google will stop supporting ADT for eclipse so its high time everyone shifts to android studio.

I intend to use Eclipse as long as posibble. Will they plan to do so?

Yes they will still support Eclipse USers. I also prefer eclipse, android studio seems too clunky for me and the dark theme is annoying.

I prever eclipse than android studio. I think eclipse have simple appearance and easy to operate it. Just my opinion.

Just use IntelliJ IDEA (get the free Community Edition) if you are worried about this. Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA are built from the same code so they share most of the same features.

I tried Android studio a year ago and after wasting several days with it I switched to Eclipse. At that time Android Studio was in beta version and there were too many problems with it to talk about here.
Installed the newest version an hour ago and will be continuing development of my newest app on it. I like the “import from eclipse” feature, for now… the project compiled after a few changes (utf8 errors, for example).