Android Studio vs Eclipse

Any experienced feedback is appreciated if its worth using Android Studio over Eclipse.

Ofcourse Eclipse comfort the comfort zone in setting up all the stuff required to make the app with wonderful editor.
I have lots of things to move from eclipse to Studio. So wanted to have some overview from someone who has found out the difference.

I was the biggest defender of Eclipse ever… for March :wink: I had to make something in Android Studio and stayed. Eclipse is a shit for me now.

-gradle system, it’s really cool, if you want to import for example google play services, you can do it with ONE code line, Android Studio will download library from internet, the same ad networks libraries, still networks demands downloading jar but it’s going to change in future, I saw networks when you need to write one code line and studio is going to download library from ad network server
-same… github libraries, enter integration code line and done, everything downloaded and connected with your project^^
-editor is filling code
button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener) and studio finish code for you, not only listeners ofcourse^^
-build flavours, generate unlimited apk versions (different resources, code, manifests, etc.) from one project :wink:

In Eclipse you cannot use new material design features so easily or you cannot use them ever.

Do you have somewhere a list of shortcuts in studio? For example in eclipse i used alt+shift+n to create new file and much more… In studio some of them are different and i can’t find a list with them

Thanks for pointing out this. It was my immediate next thought. Did some Google and found out following. May be worth.
I still need to test it.

Android Studio shortcuts like Eclipse - Stack Overflow

Anyone used AppToTop services?
Any idea if its safe to use and not hated by Google bots?

How they make sure 5 start rating? is it really worth?

Hey. I used it. (I assure you mean app2top?). For me it’s working ok. Of course it will not give you top100 ranking with just a few dollars. I use them to boost my ratings. They just install your app and rate it without opening, so you don’t have retention. But you will get higher ratings, so it may have impact on keyword rankings etc.

I think it’s worth trying in a good app. Don’t bother to use them in shit apps. If you made a nice app and you want to increase ratings - use them. You can fully customize comment texts and everything.

If you are not registered - you can use my link in signature. I personally got installs and reviews from other source (I got a private offer and i pay way more than in app2top, but app is launched and least 1 time and it better boost app in top list)

Sure. Let me compare others with this first. Thanks anyway.

For me it’s useless because got couple bans 1 hour after pushing some 50 reviews :smiley: Before I was using it with success, now for me it’s risky. Problem is that app is not opening even once.

But i can still see their link in your signature area. :D:D

It takes some time to get used to android studio but its totally worth it, they have faster emulators, nice extensions, and the dark Dracula theme is also great.

Also google will stop supporting eclipse soon.

It’s not my problem :wink: I have cash what they pays on time, users have CPI, It’s not my decision to spend cash in it :slight_smile:

Google stopped Eclipse support 1 year ago, there are ofcourse working links for ADT but it’s outdated.

Android Studio for me too, for the same reasons than ramzixp. For those who wants to keep Eclipse shortcuts, there’s a setting in AS allowing that:

Android Studio shortcuts like Eclipse - Stack Overflow

I would switch if Android studio has support for working on multiple projects without restarting the IDE.

Time to learn how to do that in Android Studio

May be one project at a time is to avoid long time to load the IDE and almost aame time to save the workspace before exiting. Moreover during load process eclipse takes almost 2-3 minutes to build or compile all the projects in workspace.

May be one project at a time is to avoid long time to load the IDE and almost same time to save the workspace before exiting. Moreover during load process eclipse takes almost 2-3 minutes to build or compile all the projects in workspace.

True, Eclipse takes lot of time first time to load the android sdk’s, Building projects etc.
For that reason only I upgraded to 12GB RAM and not shutting down laptop (just making it sleep and wake)
Gradle, Instant Run and Material design is attractive in AS but that is not something that I really need.
Since my existing apps are already configured in eclipse so I am cool with Eclipse. Only if AS had support for multiple projects, i would immediately switch to AS :slight_smile:

Android studio knows exactly who you are.
Eclipse not.

Google just wants to keep suspending developers.
You really think they give a shit about the developers to make for them a better software ?

It is better than Eclipse for sure.
Since the beginning Google never gave a damn about the poor developer and they never will.

I am still using Eclipse.

But…it supports… you can have unlimited projects in … one project. Then use build flavours to compile what you want.