Android Studio - How many of you have started working on?

Wanted to know whats the difficult level in moving to Android Studio from Eclipse?

How many of you have started using it? Please share some experience?

I hate android studio… It’s slow and not intuitive for me

Android Studio is so much better than Eclipse for me.
I first tried a version < 1 and was really shitty, but now it’s very good.
If you use build flavors it’s priceless.

Its slower than eclipse also?
Which machine you are using?

I use Dell machine with 4GB RAM and finds eclipse slow during loading process.

been using Android Studio for over a year, used eclipse for 4-5 years …I don’t use eclipse now, once you learn Android Studio (it’s not that hard) then it’s amazing, eclipse is full of errors and little issues which make you pull your hair out.

i5, 8GB RAM… I just don’t like android studio interface and easy things in eclipse (like adding jars or changing package names) is a very long time process in android studio:/

Use both Android studio and eclipse for Android development, but prefer to use eclipse

Dude, you need one line of code to add jars in android studio and 2 clicks to change package name.

I’m using android studio for about 6 months and I’m loving it. I can’t see myself using Eclipse again.
The only down side is the speed. Android studio demands a lot of RAM, you can run it with 4gb but I recommend at least 8gb.

I have converted 50% project to Android Studio. It all good except slower than Eclipse.
And Google will stop Eclipse support this year.
My Laptop specs: SSD, Core i7 4720, 16GB ram

Thanks for sharing this.
I installed android studio recently and chosed 500MB RAM which is default during intallation process.
Though i did not get a chance to run it and check the speed. It gave me some java_home error while i tried to run it.

I will fix that error first and may be can share how slow it is.

Hate it, I can only import 1 eclipse project at a time, vs unlimited with eclipse, I still use eclipse. Been using eclipse before android even existed. I used to write bot code for online games like runescape, etc to farm gold back in the day.

Android Studio is very very slow! I have 12GB RAM with 8 cores but it still performed very slow.

Gradle is very nice idea with automation but we should to have choice to use ant or maven. Deployed apk seems the same, I don’t know if gradle apks haven’t any difference.
Eclipse is faster and easier to use. On my ssd it’s rapid, we don’t need to build any gradle script (yes, it’s powerfull but generates more work hours if you want to make something automatic). In eclipse, to generate for example more themes, just copy and paste project. In gradle, you have to build script with different resources or opening many Android Studio instances.
IDE sucks ;/

Maybe you are right for everything else, but about Themes I assure you that Android Studio is much better than Eclipse.
Before I had hundreds of Eclipse Project for my Themes. Now with AS, I have just few projects (one for every base Application to be themed) each of them with many Build Variants/Flavors.

Who cares about loading process. I usually reboot my Ubuntu development laptop once per two or three weeks. Eclipse is always running and ready for action.

I have i7 Clevo with 16GB RAM and SSD, so everything is speedy, even Eclipse and AndroidStudio. :wink:

The main problem with Android Studio for me is that it’s hard to have library projects shared by many apps in it. In Eclipse I have everything in one workspace always ready to refactor or rebuild, all in one window with tabs. I will be moving to AndroidStudio soon though, because Eclipse can’t handle multidex which I need (because of fat Google Services library).

Can someone please help me? I’m sorry if this is a bad place to ask for help.

So I follow this tutorial:

I follow all the steps but when I write ‘‘StartAppSDK.init(this, “Your App ID”, true);’’ I get error ‘‘symbol not found’’. I’m using Android Studio. Anyone knows solution? Thanks.