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Android Screenshots

I am new to the android market and recently I have been suspended due to some mistakes and right now I am starting from the bottom and trying to keep everything clean.

Now I am working with a friend of mine on a music player with playlist and skins and stuff…
We just finished the first version but in order to publish our app we have to provide some screenshots.

Our music player has some widgets that display the album cover with the artist name…etc

Do you think if I will publish my app with screenshots of some famous artist. Will that be called copyright issue ?

I just don’t wanna make any mistakes.

Thank you all.

Yes, that is not ok. You are not allowed to use someone’s picture without his or hers consent.

Lol your screenshots should reflect what’s in your app. If you publish a screenshot that’s not compliant, what do you think Google pple will do? :slight_smile: