Android Revenue - new partner program for revenue from Android apps

Hello guys

My name is Sergey, I’m owner of Android Revenue (ANDROID Revenue) - partner program for owners and developers of Android apps.

We worked nonpublic for few years, but now I’m happy to invite all of Android developers who has good amounts of traffic in apps and who really know about ASO.

We have not standart types of monetize which use traffic outside of apps, but we hadnt any malware of something harmful for your users. Firstly we interested in publishers who have a lot of apps like utils, games, tools, books, mp3 players and other.

Our advantages:

  • high fillrate - we have really big feed of Ad’s;
  • simply implement of our SDK - just one line item;
  • if you dont code by yourself and creating apps in construstors - we can help you implement our SDK for free!
  • fast payments (NET15) via Webmoney and Paxum (we working for add Paypal and ePayments now)

So, if you want to try monetize your apps with us - please sign up at ANDROID Revenue.

To be clear for all interested people - monetizing outside traffic is ban in Google Play after couple of days :wink:

Honestly you are right.

But I have more examples that our solution dont banned in GP.

Actually we dont concentrate on GP apps, we allow all kind of traffic from apps with non-GP distribution methods.