Android Report

oooook … now, I have released also some reports for my android games.

They are not very detailled because I am low on time but some have asked about sharing my numbers, so that’s what I did.

Most of my games are not very sucessful - except Robo Miner which was a really unexpected “Rocket” :slight_smile:

I’ve published 2 reports on my website Personal Blog

Report January 2012
Report February 2012
Report March 2012

Hope you enjoy reading them :slight_smile:

Wow. Impressive numbers! Congratulations on making a successful game there!

Currently admob shows 4 mio impressions for the last 30 days … march will be a very crazy month … :slight_smile:

Cool! You have really landed a hit app!

Congratulations! It’s really exciting to see impressions in the range of millions :slight_smile: Hope you can continue your success in the coming months with some new app releases too. Those impressions should give a good opportunity for cross-promotion down the track.

admob reached 5 mil impressions for the last 30 days - but because they (hopefully) have some issues with the earnings - the ecpm is under 0.5 … looks horrible, it’s no fun to look at the numbers currently, the (revenue) charts look terrible for the last 3-4 days.

The impression chart seems to be correct, because it follows the normal pattern -> upside swings with tops at weekend. clicks also rising, CTR stable

revenue/ecpm looks like a lemming which jumped down a cliff 3 days ago and is still aiming to the ground with a smile on his face

I’ve just finished my Report on March 2012 - hope you enjoy reading

So how much did you earn with the impressions? I just finished reading the post but do not see any actual earning numbers.

Because my website is mainly intended for users, I decided to not post any actual earnings directly - it’s a no-go to talk about earnings directly to your “customers” :slight_smile:

But it is not hard to get it, just divide imps by 1000 and multiply by eCPM :slight_smile: You will end up with a income of ~7300 usd in march, february was ~1500 and january was ~60. nice increase…

my current revenue is between 250-350 pre day

Your numbers are still very impressive! OK, mostly the Robo Miner stuff.

Your other games perform like my own ones…

Yes, I find the comparison between my games very interesting, they differ very much in their userbase and as you can see Robo Miner has “something magic” what makes it addictive.

I am pretty sure, someone can truly learn from Robo Miner, what makes a game “addicitve” and fun. I believe it is the simplistic model of the game combined with the idea, that users can accomplish something while not being frustrating or boring.

Sure, Robo Miner WILL get boring at some point of time, because mainly it is always the same game :slight_smile: I work on that an try to add more features which will give the players more challenges in the later levels. A free (ad supported) game does really live from being maintained and getting more features. And the developer get revenue for every feature he ads, because players will play again for hours.

For me it is very very very satisifying that users enjoy Robo Miner - that’s what I like to do, making things, that people like :slight_smile:

I used to play Robo Miner by myself very much - so you can fastly get a feel, if a game can hold your users. For me that is also true for Minesweeper: Unlimited! or Tablet Tower Defense - but maybe there is too much equal stuff out in the market, so they don’t get recognized.

I Understand. But holy crap, that’s a lots of money!
Maye this is a good idea for people to download your other games.
What if you make a few unlockable levels in your robotminer, and to unlock people must have your other game installed.

yes, but don’t forget, that it is also a neverending work to come up with updates, care for customers - to be honest, I still have a better revenue with my main business coding (calculated on a per hour basis) but I am really not unsatisfied and I did not expect that kind of sucess :slight_smile:

Well if you keep earning what you are making this month, with only minimal updating the game. Then it will make back for the hours you spend on it. And its way better than the 2 dollars I made with my apps, and thats also weeks of coding. Gladly I use my own apps, so thats a reason why I made them.


I just checked out your numbers and they are quite fantastic. Congratulations and push on. I wanted to know what refresh rate do you use and whether you Use Google ads and Google certified ad networks to improve fill rate. I have more than 1 million impressions and approx. 100,000 impressions/day but my eCPM is very low. So, what is your experience with regards to juggling around with refresh rate times and allowing google ads to improve filtrate.


Can you write how users you have in total installs and active installs, also do you collecting statistics about daily active users and month active users?


I do use the maximum refresh rate of 120 seconds - but I would prefer to set it even higher (which is not possible at admob). In Robo Miner the Ads are displayed all the time and players are usually “busy” with playing the game instead of looking at the ad. I also believe that players will not interrupt their gameplay just because there is an interesting ad appearing ( I wouldn’t ).

I have google adsense ads activated, otherwise the fillrate would not reach 100%. The Click-Price for the adsense ads is lower than for admob ads, but 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing - so I let them activated for now.

Revenue is no matter of Impressions - you dont get paid for impressions, you get paid for clicks. so your goal has to be reaching the most clicks out of the lowest impressions. Even the best banner will not get clicked while the player is in a fight with the endboss or plays a game where time matters for example.

So the eCPM is a result of CTR and ClickPrice - don’t think of it as a fixed value, it is just a virtual number, which reflects some sort of ratio.

I do not track any details about daily active users, but concerning the active installs on google play it is around 50% active - I say “around” because the numbers are lagging but it’s definitely NOT far above 50% (was never).

A Free Game is much more likely to be tried out and some users just don’t like that sort of game or maybe they just don’t like it.

A Paid Game will not be bought to just try it out - users who buy a game will much more likely NOT uninstall it again - because they still know, that they want it.

That is the reason why paid apps have a better active install ratio than free apps.

So for Robo Miner that means, that 50% of all “contacts” like the game

Thanks for the reply, Now i understand the scenario.Another quick question, Using Admob’s ad filter you can select which ad types are show and i read somewhere that this can in turn start increasing your CTR. What are your experiences, or any another person for that matter, regarding category/Type settings. For now i have all categories selected and ads running.


Unfortunately, admob does not show me which banners were displayed and which of them work good or bad to manually disable them (like you can in madvertise).

Fortunately though, I strongly believe that admob selects the appropriate ad by itself to bring you the best converting ads possible (based on CTR of the app hopefully, adsense for example will display best fitting banners to you, based on your searchqueries).

I would recommend, to touch the filter only when you are really want to exclude a specific category. Like religious ads in a zombie game :slight_smile: or when you strictly KNOW, that a specific category will not fit to your userbase

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your responses.