[Android] Pin The Apple


Our team published a game called Pin The Apple. It is a marvelously simple puzzle game for all Android users.


There are 1200 elegantly designed levels to enlighten your mind

Just pin all the sharp pins to the apple and avoid hitting other pins and move to the next level.
It sounds easy, but actually it’s not.

Sometimes you need to be quick, sometimes you need be patient, but don’t ever give up.

There’s always a solution if you try hard enough!

Pin The Apple is a mindful zen game played by many Zen practitioners!



[b]Pin The Apple[/b]

Please download, play and tell us what you think about our game, thank you :smiley:

Here is my review JumblyApps

This actually needs a lot of practice. With all the concentration of the mind you focus on the pins of the apple. This would be helpful for the kids who lack concentration or maybe for those who are addicted to their phones. They can use it as a meditation technique.