Android phone with multiple WiFi network MIMO support

While traveling abroad I don’t have data except through random WiFi hotspots. I’ve found that many of the places I frequent have multiple hotspots available on different networks but since everyone around me is tapping into them as well, the throughput is awful and frequently drops as the networks get overloaded or a truck passes too close to the signal.

Are there any Android smartphones that have MIMO support that allows packet level routing while connected to multiple WiFi networks simultaneously?

I can do this with Speedify on my laptop, but that only works because I can connect multiple WiFi antennas. Can’t do that with my smartphone since it only has one antenna.

Hi… sounds interesting the way you are thinking but I don’t think any such thing exists right now. Theoretically speaking phones are not designed to route data, but yest they do it while being operated as a wireless hot spot. Therefore, I think there is a bright chance of things like this happening in future. Modern devices are coming with a support for both 2 & 5 Ghz frequency routers. While I was reading a forum to check whether any such device exists or not, I reached to this thread which have some interesting information