Android need a new Forum

Hi. I read this forum since 4-5 years ago, but now it’s impossible to read. A lot of scammers, spam, no admins, nothing… I’m doing a new forum with a lot of possibilities (market,tutorials,source codes(only for registered)).

This is the forum, I hope that you will register and participate on the forum:

Making Money Android - New Android Monetization Forum

If you read the forum from long time, you will have noticed that every once in a while someone post a message like yours to ask user to move to a newly created forum. (can see my signature too lol)
Sadly it doesn’t seem to work this way.

Maybe we can do a good community. This community it’s bad, just scammers, referral links…

Android monetization it’s a good oportunity for a lot of users but need a little administration to ban users and trolls…

Making Money Android - Index page

So after all you are just promoting your forum …this is a troll man…

Nice try Really loved your idea .Buts its not US who move from the forums it would be spammers like you who leave this forums.

Now i am habitual to read the thread among the heap of useless spam msgs.

Well its not so easy to gather a whole new community :slight_smile:

70% of threads and messages on here are spam, scammers or affiliated links. When I start to read here there are a lot of good information, but the users can give information in a scammers forum. Then it’s the reason for that I create a new forum with a little vigilance.

Android market just start now, I think that it’s good time to start a good community.

I create a telegram channel. If you want to join, talk me and I do: @makingmoneyandroid

Thanks for doing that. I will take a look. :slight_smile:

i like how dirty this forum is.

You’re welcome!

If you want to join to channel telegram just see my signature

Its annoying to dig through the spam here to find info but its actually a lot more active than other forums I am on. Most of the forums I have seen branching off this one only have a few members, all of which still come here.

As for the non-moderated site here, is there a way if someone was willing to that they could get admin privileges?
also, how are these posts even made when you have to do that captcha pic?

i would join, but not if there is no one on there. The the famous chicken and egg issue that many startup projects have. On here, I at least get 1 or 2 answers with the spam.

Here it’s… 1 real topic… 7 spam topics…